Joy of 'R' Dance

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Joe Scarlatella and Monica Shanks

Round Dance Cuers and Teachers

Pre-Choreographed Ballroom Dancing

Roundalab Members: BMI/ASCAP and SESAC Licensed

Southern California Round Dance Teachers Association


Round Dance

Round Dance is pre-choreographed ballroom dance done to cues which means someone with a microphone tells the dancers what to do just before they do it.  The entire floor of dancers does the same moves at the same time!  Many different rhythms are represented in round dancing such as waltz, two-step, cha cha, rumba, foxtrot, jive, slow two-step, and bolero.

Joe is the man with the microphone giving the cues.  Monica is his teaching partner, dance partner, and loving wife.

We teach class Monday nights in Granada Hills with a group that started in September 2016, and Joe cues at many square dance/round dance events.  See the calendar below or check out the Events page to find us and share the joy of 'r' dance!

We also choreograph dances.  See the Choreography page for cue sheets.